Stetson hats are recognized across the globe. It all began with the so-called “10 gallon stetson hat”, a hat in which you could transport 10 gallons of water. It was crafted from waterproof felt material to protect its wearer from foul and showery weather. At the same time, the hat could be used to transport… Read More

It’s seemed like forever waiting for the Spats Boots to arrive but they’re finally here. We’re totally in love with this brand and we know you will be too. Perfect for festivals, concerts, camping and even dog walking. They’re the stylish boots for people who want to take a little of the city with them… Read More

Le Chameau boots are an investment and truly one of the best pairs of wellies you can buy. To maintain their comfort and maximize their durability, we recommend that you follow these simple care instructions: Do Clean your Le Chameau boots with nothing more than water and a brush. Let the boots air dry. Once dry,… Read More

We’re going quackers and entering our own little duckie into the annual Hoggmill River Duck Race on Saturday 7th May 2016. For those that haven’t been it’s a sight to be seen, 100s of people chasing 100s of ducks down the river all keen and eager to see who’s is the first over the finish… Read More