WoodWick candles are made with a signature wooden WoodWick lid. Just pop the lid off and use it as a perfect coaster stand when the candle is in use. Of course we cannot forget the famous ‘crackles when it burns’ wick, reminiscent of the unique sound of an open fire. Fancy winning a WoodWick candle… Read More

The shop is smelling divine since these beauties arrived at the weekend.   You can now buy WoodWick candles in the Ewell store (and online later this week). We’ve been addicted to smelling these, they all smell so nice, but we think jasmine is our top favourite. They’re available in 7 gorgeous scents. Here are some top… Read More

A few years back Country Clothing Store came across Classic Canes. We were looking for a range of sticks to suit dog walkers to beaters, to country walkers and more. We were immediately taken by the Classic Canes brand and their whole ethos, from being unusually sustainable in their forestry to their beautiful designs. So… Read More